Friday, December 18, 2015

Super Smash Flash 2

Super Smash Flash 2 Review, How it Compares with First One?
The Super Smash Flash has got its next installment dubbed as Super Smash Flash 2. We all know that the first game did pretty well for itself! But did the later managed to keep with the standards of first one or not, yes was it capable to match its predecessor in every term or not? We are going to find these answers in the follow review.

The Basic

Starting with, this is a good game. The main catch here is added characters. Mechanics didn’t have something new which we can be proud of but still it beats its predecessor. While at it, it stays loyal to the characters. Continuing the series of Super Smash Flash, this is yet another product of Cleod9 production. The publisher is yet again McLeodgaming. The genre is as same, and you have both options of single player and multiplayer. This time, instead of 30 characters, the players get to choose from 33.

Starting Up

There were two characters who are originally cut in this game. Now you get the choice to choose from 47 different stages. Also, you also have a wide list of items that you can choose from. The game modes are solo, adventure mode, and classic mode. If players want, they can also play the all-star, training, stadium, home run content and even the multi main mode.
Now everything can be done with a different approach as compared to the last time. Seeing the added collectibles that were not added to the original game, this makes the gameplay a lot more fun.  After loading this game, it is advised for the players to adjust controls as per their likening.
This game allows you to set controls for four players. Up and jump this time can be mapped to the same key. The differences in Super Smash Flash 2 have been made with new movies, the final smash, and taunts. Also, players can wall jump, grab and throw items at their opponents.  The controls are a lot different than the last game. An added feature is that the matches are timed now, something we appreciate.


As the opponent gets more damage, it will be easier for you to knock them off the stage and secure your win. This may sound simple at the moment, but it gets a lot more intense when you are playing this game. Yes, it’s only one hit left or right, and you lose the game.

An Insight about the Controls

This free to play community drive game is available for computers and it’s built in flash, you can guess it by the name. Given the fact that it’s flash, it’s still surprising that controls are pretty complex. While still the characters are moved with traditional arrow buttons, the controls are coded in WASD with its surrounding letters. In the end, it’s a relief that all of them are customizable.

How it Compare?

Well, it’s very similar to what it came from! The combat is kept dizzy and deep. You may find it hard to memorize the moves that will correspond with the brawl. By saying that, we mean the up attack, left attack and down attack. This is joined by the directional power hits. It’s safe to this that the Super Smash Flash 2 is similar to the main game and one of the best consolation by indie developers.

Who am I Playing?

This is a very important question in games where characters from well-received franchises show up. To be honest, this is the feature that makes Super Smash Flash 2 addictive after all. It’s one hand in the basket to get your favorite character fighting for you. This game features some characters that have never even appeared in the Nintendo Collection.
We have some famous characters from anime and manga. Some of these characters we believed were never meant for fighting, but this game will change our perspective about that.  We have Naruto, Mr. Incredible, Sonic, Tails, Inuyasha, and Cloud. These name worthy are joined by added characters such as Goku, Gaia and many others that were not included in the original game at the first place


This game is all prepped for competitive Gameplay. It has a perfectly balanced set of characters. However, it has some lag issues but we are hopeful these will be taken care of in the future. All of these are just flat rewarding for a simple flash fighting game. While saying all this, we will also add that this game is nothing to boast about on a competitive level. So you need to be careful about it. The main issue was gameplay almost the same while we all were hoping for new impressive additions in it because this is what it boils down in the end. The 3th part of douchebag workout is another cool game worth trying out!


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