Friday, December 18, 2015

Super Smash Flash 3

Characters We Want to See in Super Smash Flash 3
Super Smash Flash 3 is one of the most awaited flash game till to date and it got good reasons for that. While we are not sure about what we might see in it, here are some characters we would love to play as and play against.

Bomberman from Bomberman

Well, we have seen him in the previous installment, but nothing says we don’t want to see him in the upcoming ones. While Bomberman is different from others on the list, still he adds flavor to his presence. How can we possibly forgive his fighting style in the game? Sure it is something we should look forward to, and this is what we are going to do. This is a must have character if you want to make sure you want to have as much (at least) fun as you had with the first installment. With him on your side, it will bomb all the way.

Boyonetta from Bayonetta

This is not a hard choice to make; we don’t mind if you tend to keep the zero mega man suits all around you, but there is a character that fits into that slot well. Moreover, this is a far better option because she came before them and did the job without creating much drama. Well, to give her tough competition, we considered bringing up Lara Croft, but again it’s Bayonetta who wins the game.

Commander Shepard from Mass Effect

Whether it be Femshep or not remains an argument itself, we cannot leave this one behind. While we are having people from the manga and other anime, why not this one! A good leader who gave himself to save the whole cosmos! Besides, if you are trying to start a campaign, there is no better option than this.
A tough competition here was Lightning from Final Fantasy, but it's Shepard, who have the upper hand. There is nothing we could have done for that. The Bioware’s Commander will make an excellent addition to the badass list of Super Smash Flash 3, and we are keen to see it happening. If you are going with us, try to make it fem shep.

Shodan from System Shock

This entry is not for the protagonists stereotypes. Instead, we are moving towards the antagonists this type. What we can’t fathom is why the fan made creation has not considered adding Shodan, the villain for at least once. Because they have not, now will be a great time to make amends for their mistake. The villain of both system shock 1 and 2, nothing will serve as a better villain as she will. If you don’t believe us, you dare try her out!

Alma from F.E.A.R

At first, we considered the Red Queen from Resident Evil Franchise. But hey, what chance does she stand against the almighty Alma. If you are unlucky enough to miss the Fear games, we got a spoiler for you. Alma is not your typical antagonists; no she is just a misunderstood psychic girl on whom the very game depends on. Besides, if you want a final blow, no one can outdo her, she will simply tear limb from limb. We are not saying that she take over the antagonist’s scene, but, at least, she will make a good entry as a henchmen or side kick for Shodan.

Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2

Super Smash Flash 3 will be a fan made, right? So you can make it as crazy as you want. Now this is something over the bar but heck Pyramid Head makes a creepy villain who might scares you to death even before the fight starts. Not to mention, it will be a great thing for noobs. They can get the hang of the game by just fighting against this mountain. A single blow from him will be deadly but slow enough for you to do something.

Agent 48 from Hitman

Sure, he or they, whatever you want to call them don’t stand a chance against 47, still they will make a worthy contender for you. Of course, we didn’t want to steal the show with the legend, but we can’t say the same about his half as good clones. These will sure get you moving. After mentioning his name, we are dependent on the makers to do something about the clones because they are best known to fight with guns while this is CQB. While considering him, Agent 17 also hit us but we dropped the idea of him. Check out some of the most adorable bus games in the gaming industry!

Spy from Team Fortress 2

This is another worthy addition to Super Smash Flash 3. Spy is better known for his creepiness, and this is what we are hoping to see in his fighting, we thought of adding the Dude from Postal and G-man from Half-life, but Spy ultimately wins the duel here. 


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